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Energy Management

The U.S. energy market is broadly split into two categories: regulated and deregulated. Both create fantastic opportunities for bulk energy procurement, yet requires fundamentally different approaches. 

Cheap power is a scarce resource. Large load, modernized interconnection points more so. We're here to help you make the best purchase decisions possible.

Regulated Markets

Engaging with the local utilities and economic development teams to determine the lowest unit cost, highest community impact location for your operation. Cryptic negotiates Public and Private rate schedules, manages the community engagement process, and guides the approval process through Public Commissions and local decision makers. 



These states are where Power Purchase Agreements are most common. The regulatory regime allows end users to purchase their power "over the grid" directly from the generation facilities.  


ISO/RTO Grid Operator

Transmission infrastructure is federally regulated and overseen by independent system operators/regional transmission operators (ISO). It's not uncommon for a state to have more than one ISO. High voltage service requests, or large load profiles, require an approval process with these entities. 


Interconnection/Utility Construction

There are very few "project ready" large load industrial sites with underutilized bulk power infrastructure. New large profile service requests will require upgrades by the utility and probably the transmission grid. Cryptic can manage these preconstruction activities. 

Let's Work Together

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