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About Us

Traditional and Crypto Data Centers

Cryptic Farms is a service disabled, veteran owned small business. We provide consulting, hosting, and site selection services to high energy use industrial entities.  

Arkansas Blockchain Council

Our Story

We've been very active in the state of Arkansas since 2022, helping to form and shape the regulatory and incentive structures to attract crypto mining and high energy use data centers. Our accomplishments are shared achievements; by partnering with local, state, and national groups our impact has been magnified. Arkansas is now the destination of choice for high tech industry.


2022 - Participated in the creation of the first Crypto specific public tariff, approved through Public Service Commission.

2023 - "Right to Mine" legislation passed - Cryptic Farms provided testimony to 5 House and Senate committee hearings, as well as many Townhall and Quorum Court sessions. 

2023 - Noise Ordinance - Consulted & provided testimony in the drafting and passing of noise ordinances throughout the state. 

Arkansas Blockchain Council

Cameron Baker, Senator Davis, Eric Peterson, Satoshi Action, Cryptic Farms

As the founding member of the Arkansas Blockchain Council, we supported the actions needed to provide the industry with a single voice while engage with the State's legislature, Public Service Commission, and utilities where appropriate. ABC now also provides independent lobbying, education, workforce development, and industry representation throughout the state while smoothing the integration of the industry.  

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